Letter of Hope

Dear childhood cancer nonprofits,

Thank you for doing what you do. Helping fund childhood cancer research is exactly what our world needs. No family, and especially no child, should ever have to go through this.

Our family is yet another childhood cancer family. Our son, Landon Meo, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma on March 25th, 2021 and passed away on December 17, 2022 at the age of 10 1/2.

After Landon passed away, we wanted to do something to help. For the last 10 years in our professional lives, our work has centered around subscriptions, recurring payments, and web application development. For the last 3 years as warrior-parents, we saw time and time again, Facebook and Instagram pages with thousands of people following the stories of warriors. The work-mind and the parent-mind began to merge, and some natural questions started being asked:

  • Given small monthly subscriptions are so common, why not try it with childhood cancer research fundraising?
  • What if warrior-parents asked for small monthly donations on their warrior's Facebook/Instagram pages in honor of their warrior?
  • What if donating was affordable to everyone?
  • How far could the phrase “donate a cup of coffee a month" go in the world of childhood cancer, if a software platform made it easy?

Through grief and hope, we embarked on a software to begin the journey of trying to answer these questions. Over a year later, HelloCure is here. HelloCure’s goal is to help all childhood cancer nonprofits increase their recurring donation revenue by enabling warrior-parents to easily create meaningful recurring-only donation pages. Parents then share their page within their Warrior's Orbit (The family, friends, community, and social media followers who already care about their child). All donations go straight to the Nonprofit. Additionally, we are working towards extending this so any supporter of a nonprofit can create a recurring donation page.

HelloCure is for all childhood cancer nonprofits, whether research-focused, family support focused, or a hybrid of the two. No matter your mission, we want you to do more of it. If you are a nonprofit interested in learning more about HelloCure, request a demo. We’d love to show you the platform and answer your questions.

Perhaps one day, we can all say hello to the cure.

With ❤️ and hope,
- The Meo Family