Simple donation management

Allies (monthly donors) can easily manage their recurring donations. They can view/download tax receipts, update payment methods, and upgrade their plan to increase monthly contributions.

Simple monthly donation management

Allies can easily view and manage their monthly donation(s).

View and download tax receipts on demand

View and download tax receipts instantly, without needing to request them.

Change plans and/or add allies

Enable existing allies to upgrade their plans to boost your monthly donation revenue. Allies can upgrade without immediate payment, and the changes will be reflected in their next renewal.

Learn about payments

Update payment method

Easily update the payment method using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Allies can also set a default payment method and delete previously used ones.

Stop donating anytime

No one wants a cancellation, but nonetheless it should be easy to do. Allies can stop donating at any time by easily canceling within their account. Nonprofits can also cancel a monthly donation on behalf of the ally. In both scenarios, a cancellation confirmation email will be sent.

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