donation pages.

Empower your entire network of families and supporters to create monthly-only donation pages to help your nonprofit fundraise to fight childhood cancer.

Enable parents, families, and supporters to create meaningful
donation pages

Create pages on the fly

Instant pages make it easy to create pages with a cover photo and monthly plans. Do it right from a mobile device.

Have fine-grained control over your donation page.

Use the HelloCure dashboard to customize your page. Add a cover video, customize monthly plan amounts, add a thank you video, add monthly thank yous, and customize settings.

Customize pages to make them just right

Customize pages to enhance meaning. From just a couple settings, to a full cover video, create your perfect page.

Cover Video/Photo

Use a cover video to tell your story with emotion.

Watch example
Meaningful plan names, descriptions, prices

Design custom plans to make the page come alive.

Take the tour and see
Monthly Thank Yous

Send monthly thank yous to remind donors of their impact.


Pages for everyone

Nonprofits, parents, family, and supporters can all create pages.

Nonprofit-created pages

For nonprofits to create pages for events, their website, and social media.

Key features:
All from parent-created pages, plus:
Add logo
Customize email templates
Integrate with website

Parent-created pages

Parents, family, and supporters can create monthly pages in an instant.

Key features:
Cover video/photo
Meangingful plans, descriptions, prices
Monthly thank yous
More Settings

Start building your fleet of monthly donation pages today.

It's 100% free.